Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Tonight, while enjoying Donny Osmond, Christmas lights, the Shops At The Riverwoods, Santa Claus, nutella crepes, and friendship - I stumbled across this beauty.  I must have it.  After I earn money, of course.  I love my initial necklace, but this little crown would not only be a reminder of 4 wonderful months in London, but it would also remind me to take a deep breath and push forward.

The necklace comes on a cute little sign that says Keep Calm and Carry On.  It is to die for.  Is it worth $58?  Perhaps.  Find more beautiful dogeared jewelry, here.

In London with Caitlin at Oxford Circus where they turned on the city's Christmas lights.  We dined on fancy drinks from Banana Republic and Catlin was hit on by a man who called her an ice princess.
 A year later in Provo, Utah.  This time we dined on nutella crepes and shopped at Soel

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friends are favorite finds, right?

I think finding quality friends is tough. Which makes it all the more difficult when they find someone they love and they leave me behind to get married. Here are a few of my friends who have been married in the past year or so.

(Ignore how ugly I look in this picture, please.)
Meet Kandace, married to the wonderful Glen.  She is my best friend (still, thank goodness!) who I go to for neosporin, a shoulder to cry on, Bones on Thursday nights, and girl talk.  She was first to go down, on my birthday no less.  What a birthday present.  I haven't ever told her that I cried all the way home from her reception listening to John Legend.  

 This is Rosanna, who married Doug.  I couldn't go to her wedding because I was madly working at the theater earning money to to go London.  She is a funny friend.  Thank goodness I have Comms 301 with her.  If she wasn't in that class, I might not go.  We check facebook and chat all through that boring class.  She is also who I talk to about boys - she's got great advice.  I still remember first meeting Rosa freshman year.  She gathered us all in her room, wrote down our names and asked us all about our boyfriends.  I didn't have much to share, of course. 

Amber was third to bite the dust.  I missed most of her romance with Andy but I was able to make it to her reception last January.  She was in the dorms with me freshman year and we were roommates sophomore year along with Kandace and Liz.
 Next was Courtney.  We were London friends.  We were the first brave ones to leave the Centre for the weekend and travel to Dublin.  (What a lame city.)  Unfortunately I was swamped with school when she got married in Newport but I was able to go to her cute bridal shower in SLC.  Her husband Mike was in my ward sophomore year, btw.  Amber, pictured above, may or may not have kind of dated him.  Small world in Provo, Utah.  Everyone dates each other.

 Lauren was next to bite the dust, again on my birthday.  No one can match her wit, except for Abby, who is her best friend.  Last night we (me, Kandace, Rosanna, and Abby) enjoyed a lovely dinner at her house in SLC.  We're bummed she lives an hour away but thank goodness for girls night which gets the 5 of us all together once a month.  I think we'll have to use skype when I'm in DC next semester.

  Next was Lilian.  I was able to go to her wedding in SLC but unfortunately I didn't snag any photos of the two of us.  We've been friends since just about forever.  We went to the same schools, were in the same ward, and both lived in Chipman Hall freshman year at BYU.  Our first weekend we were a little homesick and out of place so we bought a pint of ice cream from Cosmo's and downed it in one sitting.

Most recent was Ashleigh.  She was probably my best friend in high school and I was unable to make it to her wedding yesterday.  I was surprised when I learned she was in a relationship and getting married.  She didn't date much in high school and never seemed interested in boys.  Now she is married.  So weird.  I'm glad I got to go to her bridal shower before I left for school.  I wish her the best.  Doesn't she look stunning?  Love the lip color (and to see Ashleigh wear makeup is shocking)!

Out of the 39 girls that went to London: 4 are married, 5 are engaged, 3 are on or are going on missions.  I haven't even been back a year.

I sure hope Kacey, Catherine, Abby, and LeAnn wait a while before leaving me behind.  But, with their great looks, I'm sure they're soon to go.

So, here is to maintaining old friendships, enjoying current ones, and making new friends. 
Aubry is a new friend and I am sure I will make even more next semester in DC.  There, I answered my own question.  Friends do qualify as favorite finds.  I'm lucky.